Monday, 15 March 2010

Round and round and round...

Round and round and round I go… I am BORED with stockinette socks, my next pair will have a pattern. I'm thinking Cookie A's Monkey socks. Still, the endless round and round and round of stockinette was totally worth it when I gave my mum her mothers day present. She was utterly delighted with her socks, said she will buy me yarn to knit her another pair (eek pressure!) and even said she may have a go herself as socks are one of the few things she hasn't knit.

Here they are sitting on the dashboard of my car waiting for me to drive them round to my mum's yesterday. I'm quite jealous of these actually. Obviously I have a number of pairs of hand knit socks and am able to make them myself as and when I want (time allowing obviously) but I love the way this yarn knit up. It's a plain old Regia, I got it in the sale at John Lewis. There's nothing fancy about the yarn but I just think it's oh so pretty.

Unfortunately the stockinette isn't over just yet, I have to finish my second Germany sock. I have almost finished the instep decreases then am on to the foot so not far to go, they'll be finished on schedule to be worn when I go to Berlin next week.

I am very excited about going to Berlin. My husband has said he is willing to go LYS hunting whilst we're there and I have been on a yarn diet all through February and up to now so that I am allowed to buy some. I am going to take some knitting with me for the evenings, the aforementioned Monkey socks to be knit using Hummingbird by Laughing Yaffle. I ADORE Laughing Yaffle yarn, the colours are so beautiful. I have to make sure I don't look at her site when I'm trying not to buy yarn as the temptation is too much. Fortunately I am now allowed to give in to temptation, the husband has said so! I cut his hair and he pays me in sock yarn, last night was haircut night so I'm going to buy some yarn from Laughing Yaffle. I've got my eye on the colourways I want, I've even picked a pattern for one of them. Very exciting. Buying yarn from her does not mean I can't buy in Germany either but I do think it means the yarn diet will be back on until my birthday in May.

Nothing wrong with a bit of innocent stashing, what if something happens which means I can't afford to buy yarn and I only have enough for 3 pairs of socks…then what would I do? I clearly need at least a years worth of yarn in my stash…plus a little…just in case!

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