Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mum's socks WIP

My current primary project (the one I’m knitting on most frequently due to it’s time sensitive nature) is my mum’s socks. It’s her birthday on Tuesday and I promised socks. After a lifetime of my mum knitting for me I think it’s only right that I should knit for my mum. I think it’s particularly important that whilst my mum makes me beautiful cabled cardigans and the like which I haven’t the attention span for and have on my “to attempt” list I knit her something that she has never knit for herself or anyone else, socks. She picked the yarn from my stash (whilst I breathed a sigh of relief that she didn’t choose the beautiful green Cariad yarn which has cashmere in it (if she had then of course I’d have knit it for her, green is her favourite colour as well as mine, I’m just relieved that wasn’t her choice!) a rather nice Regia of a not self-striping variety. I’m loving this yarn though, not as much as the green stuff with cashmere in it but loving it none the less. I’m hoping that as my mum has teeny tiny feet (UK size 3) I might have enough leftover to make a little pair of anklets for myself. If I don’t make the cuff too long it’s possible, my mum doesn’t want a long cuff anyway.

This is my current progress, I’m at about 6 rounds behind this on the second sock. I decided to work on them alternately so I don’t get struck down by second sock syndrome. I’m actually liking this way of working and intend to do the same again in future.

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