Friday, 12 March 2010

Busy busy

Busy at work, busy at home or rather doing things that leave me with no time at home to sit and blog. Busy busy busy. Mum's socks were not finished for her birthday due to unforseen events over the weekend. I'd worry I will never finish anything for a deadline ever BUT I finished all of my Christmas knitting so I know I can do it. Mum's socks will be a mothers day present instead, I will finish them tonight and tomorrow and take them to her on Sunday.

Have done no other knitting at all. Have the second German sock to finish, had better get cracking as we go to Germany in 11 days! Attempts to knit 12 pairs of socks for myself this year aren't going so well, I've finished two pairs and almost finished a third which sounds on track but two pairs are just plain old stockinette socks, do they really count? Also the first pair I finished was started in December, I hardly did any knitting this year. I'll do it.

Ishbel hasn't been knit on since the closing ceremony of the olympics.

My friend at choir is angling for a Rose Red as she loves mine, she hasn't a chance. So much to knit, so little time! I must also start work on my project for the swap on the knitting forum.

Busy busy busy.

Pictures next time, I promise.

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