Thursday, 4 February 2010

Rose red is nearing completion. I have knit the first 40 stitches of round 59 so need to finish that then only another 10 rounds to go until I'm done. I am really happy with how it's turning out. The pictures aren't great, we've had snow overnight and it's terribly foggy today so whilst they were taken with natural light it's a very grey natural light and the yarn is looking more grey than green. Annoyingly I am quite certain I may need to break into my second ball of the yarn but only by a bit. I hope to then have plenty left over for a pair of wrist warmers or mittens or something to wear with the hat.

Also I don't have photographic evidence but I can awssure you that the first of my pair of Germany socks is finished. I have knit the ribbing and nearly 2" of the leg for the second one and am certain they'll be done in plenty of time to wear in Germany in March. Again a washed out photo, stupid grey days! The black is actually black and not grey in real life!

With the end in sight for the knitting on my Rose Red I am itching to try my hand at Ishbel BUT I must resist. My mother's birthday is in a month and I promised socks, they are next on the list. No excuses.

I'm not certain the sackboy I'd hoped to knit as my husband's valentines day present is going to be completed. I must actually retrieve it from my desk when I'm back at work and bring it home to knit on!

I'm sorry I can't manage a better blog entry but I am feeling quite poorly and am off work with dreaded lurgies, knitting is making me feel a little better but I even keep having to put that down because it's exhausting, who'd have thought?!

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