Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Rose Red and Sackboy

I finished Rose Red. I don't have a picture of the FO yet but I am incredibly pleased with it and feeling confident that I'm ready to move on to another project involving lace, I'm itching to cast on Ishbel. I am resisting the cast on for Ishbel though until I have finished my husband's Valentines present and until I have at least finished my Germany socks. I am about 8 rounds from starting the heel flap on the second of the Germany socks which is pretty exciting, I start to get very excited when I've turned the heel and decreased down again for the foot, that's when I can see the finishing line.

Husband's Valentines present is getting there. I'm knitting him a Sackboy, the little character from Little Big Planet. He's a bit of a geek and loves his games and comic books as well as anything involving computers and similar technology. I am hopeful that he will love it and it will sit proudly on his office bookcase along with his Bumblebee (transformers) figures and the little plushies of Kingdom Hearts characters. I am about half way through knitting his head, I expect to finish that tonight or tomorrow leaving only arms and legs then the making up (the bit I fear most!) I am positive it will be done in time for Sunday. We aren't really big on Valentines day and the last few years haven't even bothered with presents but this is our first as a married couple so it seemed right to do something. I'm knitting for him and I expect he'll purchase something from my Amazon wishlist. It's 40 days until our 1st wedding anniversary and I'll admit that's far more exciting than valentines!!

Photos in next post, I promise!

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  1. Hello! I'm looking forward to a photo of your Rose Red Beret. I'm a fan of Ysolda's patterns, and had to have a look at it on Rav. It seems to have found it's way into my queue! I have some gorgeous purple merino that would be perfect, but I have to finish a few other things first!