Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Poorly sick

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I didn't do any knitting. Not a stitch. I didn't even have my SIP in my handbag. The plan had been to go for dinner after work with some friends (2 for 1 Pizza Express, good stuff!) and I had hoped that after a nice meal and a sneaky drink we'd come home and I could do a few rows of Ishbel. On Monday afternoon I started sniffling a little, Mr.Monkey had been sick all weekend with a stinking cold and I did fear he had given it to me, a bonus valentine's present I suppose. Yesterday morning my worse fears were confirmed when I woke up sneezing and sniffling. I went to work anyway armed with Beechams all in one and a big box of tissues and somehow survived the day. I even went along to Pizza Express and had what I'm sure was a delicious pizza though my tastebuds were not really responding. I continued to sniff, blow my nose every few minutes and feel rubbish. I do believe though that when you're in full, cold riddled flow like that you're past passing it on to anyone so had no qualms about going out, if I sneezed I covered my mouth and nose, I washed my hands regularly and didn't touch anyone else's food. Still when we got home I couldn't face sitting up and knitting, instead I crawled to bed and attempted to sleep.

It felt weird to go a day without knitting. It wasn't a day without thinking about knitting, I read blogs, checked Ravelry, read a bit of my Yarn Harlot book. I just didn't feel well enough when I got home to actually do my own knitting. Even when I'm very busy I usually manage at least a row or a round of a sock, never nothing at all.

I'm still feeling quite rotten today. I will however be knitting tonight, I have a deadline to meet and Ishbel isn't going to knit itself! I wont be going to choir though, I definitely can't sing.

I hate being sick, I am pretty rubbish at it, I really hope I am better soon!

Also a quick bit of news, well not sure it's "news" but something different. I ordered a 2.5mm 80cm circular needle and I am going to have a go at knitting a sock using magic loop. I haven't tried it before but it was one of my knitting goals for the year so actually buying the right sized needle seemed like a good place to start! I used, an excellent online shop with incredibly fast delivery and the delivery only costs £1, well worth a go and she has an excellent range of knitpro needles as well as addi and the hiya-hiya interchangeables. She also sells the gorgeous Debra's Garden needle gauges as well as Soak wash and some other lovely bits and pieces. Well worth checking out.

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