Monday, 7 March 2011

Progress and buttony goodness

I'm in a very good mood today as Mr NM and I are both having a day off work, we're not doing anything in particular, just enjoying some relaxing time at home.

I finished the first clue of the mystery socks and am really liking how they're working up and how the pattern looks in this lovely spring fling yarn. I'm waiting for the second clue to be published, it should be some time today and if the first clue is anything to go by this pattern is going to be fabulous.

knitting 322

For in between clues I've cast on my second Monkey sock in Jitterbug, I rather like the way it pools on the cuff, I love the colours of this yarn. Colinette do such delicious, rich colourways and the yarn is so squishy. It's just a pity that the yardage is on the short side for Jitterbug really as it limits pattern choice for socks.

knitting 314

Another project has made a comeback, I've not blogged about it for just over a month and I've not been particularly dedicated with knitting it, just picking it up now and then for a repeat of the pattern. Still it has been moving along slowly but surely and I've just about finished the body (as of now I have about 4 rows of garter stitch and the cast off to do, that will be done today) then it's on to the sleeves. I had thought I'd make the sleeves longer on this than in the pattern but as I only have two and a bit balls of yarn left they're going to be 3/4 length as in the pattern. I'm happy with that though, I love the cardigan already and I can see myself wearing a lot.

knitting 319

I picked up buttons for my cardigan at the weekend from Duttons for Buttons in Harrogate. I took my mum there for her birthday (Harrogate, not specifically the button shop!) I did take my camera with me but it was such a grey and drizzly day I didn't end up taking any pictures to share. I love these buttons though, I knew I wanted wooden buttons and I think they work really well with the yarn which has little brown flecks that don't really show up in the photos. I love the design of the buttons, I think they're quite unusual and they're so smooth and feel great quality.

knitting 321

I somehow managed to be restrained and only make that purchase, I wanted to buy so many buttons as they have such an amazing selection. Their shops are well worth a visit if you're in Harrogate, York or Ilkley.

I hope everyone has a great week and I hope I'll have a finished cardigan to show you soon.


  1. What a nice start to your week, it's always nice to just chill at home sometimes and get plenty of knitting done. I like the colour of the Jitterbug it's not a yarn I have used before. I agree with you about Duttons it is a fabulous shop, so much choice.

  2. When I lived in York, Duttons for Buttons was one of my favourite shops.

    I love how the colour is coming out in your mystery socks. They look so cheerful.

  3. I love mystery socks! Yours look fab, perfect colours for spring. And you're right, the pooling on the Jitterbug socks is rather lovely!

  4. Your Mystery socks are looking great! I'm another Jitterbug fan, although I have found that the colours fade quite a bit. You managed to get yourself some fabulous buttons - sometimes that's the hardest part!

  5. Your socks are looking lovely, as is your cardigan. That pattern is lovely, and I wear mine a lot. The buttons are fab too.

  6. I love all your knits. The pattern in the mystery sock is lovely, I haven't knit any patterned socks yet, only plain ones. I shall have to remedy that soon. I love the buttons for your cardigan, great find.

  7. Oh they are all so gorgeous .... I like the socks at top best, though. They look fluffy and warm.

    I love picking out buttons for a project. That's just about as fun as picking out the yarn!