Friday, 18 March 2011

Not a lot to show

I’ve been meaning to upload knitting photos from last weekend all week and have kept forgetting to do it, I finally managed to get my act together today and put the pictures onto my computer and then onto flickr. Progress at last! Unfortunately I realised I only actually had three pictures (well more than three but that included multiple pictures of the same thing) and nothing much to write about. Oops. Things are a bit hectic at the moment and I’ve felt like I’ve been rushing along with my feet not even touching the ground. Since Monday I have knit one round of a sock, that’s it, just one round of sock.

I did finish the second clue of my mystery sock for both socks, I am still in love with this yarn, the colours are just so pretty.

knitting 328

As my current case of sock-startitis is still very much present I wound some yarn to knit another pair of socks, this time Hedera by Cookie A. the yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in October Afternoon

knitting 326

Isn’t that pretty? Such lovely colours and so squishy. I like the yarn a lot, the colours a lot, the way it knits up a lot, the pattern a lot. I should be super happy with this, I should be but well… it does this:

knitting 324

I’m not sure how clear that is but my fingers are a delightful shade of orangey red there where the dye rubs off onto them. Mr.NM is concerned about what it might do to my feet and keeps saying “you’d better not be putting that yarn on the sofa” if it stains like that. Sigh. I love it so much but I am not happy about the colour running and I’ve heard it then fades like mad when you wash it, how disappointing.

That is all I have to show you. I have finished the first sleeve of my February Lady Sweater but I didn’t take a picture, I am panicking about the possibility I will not have enough yarn to finish the second sleeve. Again. This is becoming an ongoing theme. I’m quite annoyed as I checked and calculated and making it to measurements I had the recommended yardage…well apparently not. I’ll just have to see what happens and hope that I was calculating correctly when I stopped with the first sleeve so I have enough yarn. I have one full ball and a bit of a ball of yarn to work with. Fingers and toes crossed!

I’m off work next week so am hoping for good knitterly progress and lots of pictures to share, I hope anyway. I also need to start planning for the Knitting and Crochet Blog week because if I attempt to do each day spontaneously I'm doomed to fail as it will get mixed up with the hundred and one other things I attempt to do week to week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. How disappointing that the colour runs. I always liked the look of Jitterbug. Now I'm not so sure about splashing out on some.

    By the way I'm having a giveaway on my blog to help raise money for Japan. Check it out to see if you want to help.

  2. Hey, I have a tipp for your Jitterbug color bleeding problem! I always wash my Jitterbug skeins before knitting (hehe) with water and a splash of vinegar. Do that until the yarn almost stops bleeding. It helps a lot to keep the colors shining.
    Yours, Julia

  3. wow that October Afternoon looks exactly like my Raspberry Jitterbug, its scrummy x

  4. I was going to order some Colinette Jitterbug but now I don't know whether to bother if it does that. The colour is lovely though, as is the colour of your mystery socks.

  5. I too have heard about Jitterbug fading, but I shall try the vinegar trick when I knit up some of mine to see if that helps. Hope you have enough yarn for your sweater.

  6. The Mystery Socks are looking lovely, and that yarn is just gorgeous.

    That's disappointing about the Jitterbug colour, as it looks so lovely.

  7. Oh, I hate it as well when the colour runs like that. Too bad...
    Your mystery socks are looking great, though!