Sunday, 6 February 2011

The universe heard me

I believe I mentioned previously that I'm on a yarn diet at the moment, I've been very good as well and haven't purchased any since my sale purchases at the end of December. Unfortunately in my attempts to avoid buying yarn which involve avoiding yarn shops both on-line and locally I've taken to coveting knitting accessories, they're not yarn, I can buy those right?

Not really. Whilst part of my decision to go on a yarn diet is motivated by avoiding accumulating a massive stash and actually wanting to knit the lovely yarn I have part of it is more general money saving. We'd like to buy a house at some point in the future which means cutting back on spending in other areas. Sad but a fact of life...perhaps when we do buy that house (years into the future) I can have a knitting room to make up for the hardships I'm enduring now buy not buying yarn!

One thing I've really, really wanted for some time was a new needle case for my interchangeable needle set. I'd been looking at some rather charming ones on Etsy and seriously considering a purchase on payday.

A couple of weeks ago a letter came thanking me for my knitting magazine subscription (well Mr.NM's subscription to The Knitter, it was my paper gift for our first wedding anniversary) and saying they were going to send a free gift, I love free gifts. I got a skein of Fyberspates laceweight for my first free gift from them so was hoping for something equally lovely.

Imagine my delight when this came through the door
knitting 255

Isn't that lovely not to mention perfect? It's a Della Q needle case, more specifically it's a case designed to hold interchangeable needle sets, the Que-i, it's just what I wanted!

knitting 250

knitting 252

knitting 253

knitting 254

knitting 249

The needle tips are in the centre and then there are little pockets for the chords and under those a zipped section for accessories.

I just love it. It's a gorgeous colour as well, green may be my favourite but I am rather fond of purple as well, especially such a rich, deep purple as this. It's gorgeous. It looks like the universe was listening to me, I wanted an interchangeable needle case and it sent me one. I wont be greedy though, I've probably had my luck for this year.

Another purple thing...just a sneaky peek, proof they're finished as they were top down socks...

knitting 246

I'll show you more of those another day.

I hope the week ahead is wonderful for everyone and that you've all had lovely weekends packed with your favourite things.


  1. Oh wow! That needle case is gorgeous! I love the sewed in tabs with the needle sizes on them. And it was free (and purple)! It's much nicer than the one I got with my Knitpro interchangable set - it's plastic.

    You definately deserved it for sticking to your yarn diet.

    Love the purple socks. ;)

  2. Oooooooooooooh, serious needle case envy here! Simply gorgeous!!!

  3. You have a Knitting Fairy! Congratulations!