Sunday, 13 February 2011

Domestic bliss

I do hope everyone has had a wonderful week, mine has been rather lovely even if the weather has been wet and grey.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my purple socks, I was pleased to see others liked them as well. I do love twisted stitches and tiny cables on socks, they add interest to the knitting and are so pretty, they also make people think you're terribly clever which I can assure you I'm not! In answer to the questions they do fit pretty perfectly, possibly the best of any of my hand knit socks and I'm sure it's the extended sections of twisted ribbing that cause that. I didn't use a cable needle, I hardly ever use one any more and for crossed over stitches like those in my socks I really don't think it's necessary. A cable needle is just something else for me to lose!

I thought I'd share my weekend activities with you, it wasn't just knitting! Monkey towers has been a picture of domesticity this weekend as I got my apron on and settled in for some much needed kitchen time. I used to bake a lot but haven't really felt the urge lately until the last week when I've felt the uncontrollable urge to bake lots of things. Mr NM is very pleased with these urges.



became this


Which became this on Saturday lunchtime




Became this


Served in Mr NM's favourite way, I must admit it's shop bought jam. They joke about me being in the WI at work but I only bake and knit, I've never tried making jam or chutney or anything like that...maybe something to try in future.


As it's Valentines Day tomorrow I treated Mr NM to one of his favourite things, home made pie with silly romantic decoration


I also made this (but forgot a pre-baking photo) a very simple tea loaf.


Worry not though, there was knitting. Mr NM's Valentines gift was finished and he has a new pair of enormous hand knit socks for his enormous feet. He even agreed to model them (as he couldn't wait until Valentines day and wanted to wear them straight away!)





Mr NM's socks were knit 2 at a time magic loop and were finished in exactly two weeks which I'm pretty pleased with as I'm pretty sure that makes these my fastest finished pair of socks. I'm sure the two at a time helped with that as (obviously) I didn't have a second sock to knit, when one was finished the other was finished. I don't think I'll be knitting all my socks like this but for plain stockinette I am sold. Ravelry project page is here for details of yarn, needles and such. He is calling them his space socks but I'm still calling them my levelling up socks as I have learned a new knitting skill and I am very pleased that I did.

I now don't have any socks OTN which will need to be remedied soon. I know I need to try toe up but that might wait as I have my eye firmly on my Knit. Sock. Love. book and the many gorgeous patterns within.

Have a lovely week all.


  1. Hey, next time, could you put a ruler up against Mr. NM's feet, for scale? :-)

  2. Wow! You've been busy! You can't beat the smell of freshly baked bread! I feel for you knitting big socks - I have big feet too, so always have to knit woppas! Enjoy your pie tomorrow!

  3. Mmmm.... all the tasty treats look delicious.

    I have tried two at a time socks. It's interesting to read your opinion. Good luck with the next pair!

  4. Just look at your homemade bread!! I've never tried making bread before but that picture makes me want to!

  5. Wow look how productive you've been. My mouth is watering. I live home baked bread. My Sis in law has a bread making machine (which is slightly cheating I know) and whenever we visit I stuff myself silly.

    Well done on learning the new technique. Isn't it lovely not having to cast on for that second sock.

  6. Yum, yum, yum!!! Socks 2-at-a-time for stockinette I agree, some simple patterns maybe too, but its not something I've done more than a few times - too many tangles and fidgeting involved. Those sock came out awesome! Love the colors.