Monday, 31 January 2011

Done and dusted

I know I promised a post on The Blasted Cardigan of Doom with modelled photographs and then didn’t actually post one. This was mostly as I had photos taken and came up against a problem. I got Mr NM to take the pictures, I believe the saying is “don’t quit your day job” photographer he is not.

They aren’t bad photos as such but they weren’t really what I was looking for and I’m not sure they really show off the cardigan all that well. Still I shall share as I’m unlikely to get a better photographer any time soon and I don’t have a tripod so setting up some sort of self-portrait scenario is not going to happen.

Some close ups

knitting 214

knitting 215

As the actual photo he took of me modelling it was poorly lit AND out of focus (bonus points) so the best I have to share is an action shot of me wearing it to the party celebrating his Grandma’s birthday and his grandparents’ 50th Wedding anniversary and looking like the world’s biggest dork…just for a change.

Grandmabirthdayparty 011

It is getting quite a bit of wear so I’m happy and I definitely feel I’ve caught the sweater bug as I’m knitting another cardigan and have a little queue of them lining up. If only there were more hours in the day to knit everything I want to…not to mention the yarn budget to match!


  1. I have exactly the same problem getting Mr JK to take photos for me! It must be a 'man thing'! The cardigan looks great, and is going to keep you nice and cosy for the coming months! I'm making headway with Peasy and am already planning the next one too!

  2. Oh I have just the same problem with Mr CK! I end up not using any of his pictures........the kids can take them better.
    Cardi looks very cosy so enjoy it.

  3. Get a gorillapod, they are great for taking self portaits and they don't cost very much.

  4. Its a lovely cardigan, bad photography and all. I have that problem at home too :o) You are not alone!

  5. I second the gorillapod. I have one, and they're great. Your cardigan is gorgeous, definately worth all the hassle.