Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Brambles Beret

It's Wednesday, it should be my work in progress day but I have nothing to show you. This is not because I don't have works in progress, of course I do, lots! It's just that I've not got anything NEW in progress and I'm sure you're tired of seeing the same old thing over and over and not actually spotting that important part of the phrase, the PROGRESS.

Things have been progressing slowly in NorthernMonkey land, part of this has been because I've been taking some new medication which makes me veeeeeeeeeery sleepy and means that by the time I'm home from work, have done little house-y jobs, had my dinner and sat myself down instead of picking up my needles all I can think of is tucking myself up in bed. I am still knitting, of course I am, I'm just not getting anywhere fast.

I do have a little something to show you, a sign that my needles are still clicking away. I was going to post this as my WIP for today because when I was knitting at the weekend I did get an in-progress shot. I decided however that would be cheating as this is not a work in progress, it is, in fact, a finished object! We visited the in-laws at the weekend and I took some knitting with me. I packed my TTL Mystery socks (still unfinished, oops!) but also threw in my bag the yummy skein of Malabrigo Worsted and the needles to knit myself a Brambles Beret, something I have been itching to knit since I saw the pattern. Well the socks didn't get a look in! I cast on the hat and away I went, knit knit knit, all weekend! The yarn was just so divinely soft and smooshy, the colour so vibrant and the pattern so charming with clear and easy to follow charts. Please excuse the photos, they were hastily taken with my phone so I could show off to a knitty friend but I'm going to try get some better pictures soon. The second photo of the hat in action is more accurate for colour.



Brambles Beret in Malabrigo Worsted in Emerald (I had 42g of yarn leftover) 3.75mm for ribbing (magic loop as didn't have a short enough needle) 4mm 40cm circular then 4mm dpns for the rest of the hat. Size Medium.

I love this hat so much! I probably could have done with going up a needle size but it fits comfortably and snuggly over my ears (I haven't pulled it right down in that picture) so I'm happy. I need to work out what to do with the other 42g of yarn leftover as it's so soft I want to do something with it. The BESTEST bit about this hat though was MrNM reporting to me that one of his work colleagues had seen me in it and asked him where I bought it from as it was gorgeous and she wanted to get one after work! Apparently her reaction when he said I'd knit it was quite priceless but she is unconvinced that she'd be capable of knitting one herself.


  1. Your beret looks fabulous! I love it! I'm looking for a beret pattern to knit, might just have to investigate this one a little more. Thanks!

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! I want one! Santa is bringing me a skein of Malabridgo Worsted in a lovely golden yellow shade. (I happen to know this is a fact because I had to order it for Santa from This Is Knit so he would know exactly what I wanted!) I am going to make this beret with it, so I'll have to content myself till Christmas Day.

  3. That's gorgeous! I hadn't given it a second glance in Knitty but I've now added it to my queue thanks to you!