Friday, 11 June 2010

Oh blog, I did not mean to desert you

I have been oh so very absent from my blog at late as life got busy busy busy. Life continues to be busy busy busy but I have managed to squeeze in the tiniest moment to visit my blog and put together a little post.

What have I been knitting? Well...not much. As I said life has been busy busy busy and my knitting time has been hit hard, it's always my knitting time that gets hit hard when everything else decides to get going. There was the visit from the in-laws then a weekend of chores and tidying and getting the everything done before last week when I spent a week away in Germany with my choir.

These are the latest pictures I have. My camera is on death's door and takes only washed out and dreary photographs which makes me very sad. I have another digital camera and I suspect I need to be using that and not my little compact one. I must start saving for a replacement for the little one.

These are just little footie type socks I decided to knit for my trip to Germany (where I did not need wool socks as the temperature soared to 30 degrees! I used yarn left over from the socks I knit for my mum's birthday but I did not have quite enough. When they were finished they had little purple toes, I must get a picture and get them on ravelry.

I continue to work on my Cookie A Mystery Socks though they have not been knit on since before I went away (though have progressed slightly beyond this picture) the colour here is wildly inaccurate which is a shame as the true colour really is the colour of limeade, the stuff of childhood. It's just fabulous.

And here in a jumbled pile of pointy sticks and yarn...socks.

I am knitting on another sock but do not have a photo. Whilst in Germany I did not really have time to work on socks with travelling stitches and charts BUT I did have time to start a second pair of circle socks. It's a fun, easy, memorable pattern which looks great in self striping yarn which I just so happen to have masses of. Fantastic! I believe my friend took a photo of me knitting in the sunshine so I shall ask for a copy and get that on here.

I do hope that now the preparations for my choir trip are over I can settle back into a good knitterly routine. Whilst it is an unfortunate reason to have the free time I am having a minor surgical procedure on Monday and will have the week off to knit. I intend to get the lovely Cookie A socks finished. I also need to finish the socks I was making for Mr.Northernmonkey which I stopped knitting on a few rounds from starting the toe of sock 1. Oops. I also still have a cardigan which is really just almost finished sleeves, that requires attention.

A terrible thought which keeps popping into my mind is the C word...the big one that comes around every year towards the end of December. So as not to drive myself insane with knitting I want to make a head start on my gifts. I don't intend to make many but both my mother and my mother in law have requested lace scarves (an Ishbel for my mum, a rectangular scarf for MiL) which is not the quickest knitterly project. I don't know what else I might knit for that time of year but these projects need starting and my approach I think is to finish the things I am currently working on (1 cardigan, 3 pairs of socks) by the end of July so I can get yarn hunting and crack on with the projects.

So many things to knit, so little time. As ever. I just hope I can get back on track with blogging, try to aim for at least once a week. Also try to finish some projects! I am about on track with a pair of socks per month but I want to keep it up and get some more done.

Busy busy busy.

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