Friday, 13 April 2012

Almost but not quite

So the little cardigan is almost finished, but not quite.
I do like to block the pieces before sewing together garments, it makes the edges straighter and not curled up so makes the sewing easier. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out and the yarn has gone lovely and soft after it's gentle wash. It's machine washable as well so baby friendly I hope!

Why is it not quite finished you ask? I mean it looks quite finished, the seams are all sewn, the neckband knit but something is missing. Something important.

Remember I moved house recently? Well my button tin (which I can't find a picture of, annoying as I was sure I had one, it's red with white polka dots on and came from Cath Kidston) has done a disappearing act in the move. All the boxes are unpacked, my yarn stash is all together, I have my WIP basket as well but no button tin. It's nowhere to be seen. ARGH. In an attempt to encourage a reappearance I ordered some more buttons from ebay but I am rather annoyed that I can't find my button in. FO post yet, sorry.


  1. I hope it turns up, I'd be pretty cross if my button box went missing. The cardigan looks great though. :)

  2. Hope you unearth your button tin soon! The cardigan is looking great, I love the garter stitch cuffs!