Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Manly socks

One thing I have hoped for in my short time as a knitter is a bit more speed. I knit quite slowly as is standard for most new knitters I imagine but I want to knit quickly. I watch my mum whizzing away at speeds where I hardly see her fingers move and wish I could do the same. Of course my mum has been knitting for over 50 years, I've been knitting for about 20 months now, not counting her attempts to teach me as a child which didn't work very well as I got very bored very quickly!

On Monday morning I cast on a pair of socks for my husband, last night I had this. That's a full cuff of stockinette sock. Unbelievable. I've also knit half the heel flap now and am feeling very accomplished. I must apologise for the picture quality, I took it with my phone camera late in the evening with only the artificial lighting of my living room.

The only knitting time I spent on this was a little on Monday morning and evening, some time on the bus yesterday afternoon then another hour or two of yesterday evening whist I watched the lucky future recipent play Fifa.
It looks like I'm getting faster. I knit socks for him for Christmas and they took a full month of these snippets of knitting time I get, I know it took a week to get to the instep decreases after starting the first sock. I think I could finish a pair in 2 weeks now if pushed, if it was a week off work I think I could even finish a pair in a week, certainly a pair for me and not Mr big feet anyway!!
I would like to be faster still, especially when knitting flat as whist my knit stitches do whizz along pretty well now my purling is still on the slow side. I am happy though, I am getting faster and faster. Hurrah! More socks for me knit more quickly.

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